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Preliminary retail sales fall 4.2% in August: ASX closed 2.4% higher

23 Sep 2020 - The ASX rose at the open and continued a steady pace higher throughout the trading day to close 2.4% higher. Shares in Flight Centre Travel Group (ASX:FLT) clawed their way higher today – perhaps because of the relaxing of some Queensland border restrictions. Shares in Ramelius Resources (ASX:RMS) closed over 7% lower. The Supreme Court of WA has today made orders approving OZ Minerals (ASX:OZL) to acquire 100% of the shares in Cassini Resources.

AUD falls for a second session: ASX poised for a rebound

23 Sep 2020 - The ASX looks set to rebound morning as the S&P 500, the Dow and the Nasdaq all closed higher as optimism lifted over potential for US unemployment to fall. The UK is set to bring in new measures tomorrow in the fight against Covid-19. Hospitality businesses must close by 10 pm, the use of facemasks is to be extended and the number of people allowed to attend weddings has been reduced to 15. The Aussie [...]

Rising Covid cases in Europe rattles markets: ASX closed 0.7% lower

22 Sep 2020 - The ASX dropped at the open and failed to gain momentum closing 0.7 per cent lower. Xero (ASX:XRO) did well today. Shares in Webjet (ASX:WEB) didn’t do so well today. As for the sectors today Information technology led the day and Materials fell lower. New Hope Corporation (ASX:NHC) saw increased coal production of 11.3 million tonnes and sales of 11.5 million tonnes in 2020.