Bourse Online

Bourse Online is the ideal entry-level tool for investors looking to access basic market data and trade shares online.

With a simple-to-use interface Bourse Online puts the Australian stock market at your fingertips, and contains all the core information required to monitor the market and manage your trades:

  • Live market data quotes (request-based)
  • Customisable watchlists
  • Easy order placement, including free contingent order management
  • Company earnings data and performance ratios
  • Security charts
  • Company reports and historical dividend details

With Bourse Online you don’t need to install or download files onto your PC, which means you can login anywhere with an internet connection.

Start Using Bourse Online

If you already have an account with Sequoia Trader, call us to get Bourse Online access enabled.

If you don’t have a Sequoia Trader account you can apply online for free!

Platform and Data Fees

Bourse Online is free to Sequoia Trader clients.