Bourse Trade Tools

Don’t waste time and money flicking between your trading platform, your market scanner and your technical analysis software.

With the Bourse Trade Tools plug-in for Bourse Analyser, you get advanced market analysis tools and fast, reliable quotes and trading screens, all in the one powerful platform.

The Bourse Trade Tools can help you find the next big opportunity in the market:

  • Bourse Charts
    Utilise the broad array of technical indicators, chart tools and trade alert signals to find your next trade.All popular charting methods are available, as well as key price and volume indicators, and the proprietary Pre-Alert trading indicators. Based on a unique pattern-recognition concept, the pre-alerts are designed to signal trading opportunities prior to conventional charting indicators.
  • Bourse Analyser
    Find trade ideas in moments, all at the click of a button.Scan the Australian stock market by price patterns, technical indicators and pre-alerts to quickly find stocks meeting your trade criteria.
  • Bourse Trading System
    Test your trading strategies before committing your money.With the Bourse Trading System you can back test your strategy against historical data to see if your theory would have resulted in a profit or loss, then adjust it accordingly.

The Bourse Trade Tools are only available as a plug-in to the Bourse Analyser platform.

We have more exciting tools in the pipeline, so stay tuned.