Trading and Investing Webinars

Want to know more about the Australian share market, and how to improve your trading and investing?

Bourse Data’s webinar program brings industry experts live to your computer, covering a range of subjects close to the hearts of share traders and investors.

These webinars are educational, highly informative and interactive so you can ask the presenter questions right there and then. And if you miss anything you can replay a recording of the webinar in your own time!


Seasonal Opportunities

Christmas only comes once a year, but when it does it presents an excellent trading opportunity. This is not the only seasonal pattern that you will come across either, there are other opportunities during the year that are very likely to deliver exceptional results. In this webinar Jeff Cartridge described when these opportunities arise and how you can make the most of them.

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Free Webinar: Advanced Position Sizing

It’s possible to turn an ok strategy into an exceptional one by applying a few simple ideas around the position size. In this webinar Jeff Cartridge shared some of the techniques he uses to maximise his trading returns using one of the most overlooked tools of successful traders.

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Free Webinar: The Top Five Technical Indicators

There are over 180 technical indicators that can be applied to the financial markets, but do any of them work? Most indicators work well in a bullish market, but the best indicators work in a variety of market conditions.

In this free webinar successful trader Jeff Cartridge shared what he has found to be the top five technical indicators and how to use them as the basis of a trading strategy.

Unfortunately we experienced some technical difficulties which meant the recording of the webinar had audio but no vision. However, Jeff conducted a webinar on the same topic for our sister-software Market Analyser earlier in the week, and a recording of that webinar is here.

Free Webinar: September Traders’ Café

The Traders’ Café was an informal and interactive online discussion, giving traders an opportunity to chat with each other and discuss market conditions, interesting charts, favourite trading techniques and more.

Thanks to everyone who joined in!

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Free Webinar: A Mechanical Trading Approach

To overcome some of the challenges of making trading decisions some traders prefer mechanical trading strategies. A mechanical trading system requires a series of rules that govern every part of a trading strategy. It is then up to you to follow the strategy as the signals occur.

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Free Webinar: Successful Discretionary Trading

How do you decide when to enter a trade? And, more importantly, how do you control your emotions to prevent impulsive trades?

In this presentation Jeff Cartridge shared some techniques that he uses, and that can assist you when making your trading decisions.

Note: due to technical difficulties this presentation contains audio only.

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Free Webinar: Using The Bourse to Identify Exit Strategies

Knowing the signs of a trade reaching its use-by date is just as important as spotting a good buy signal. In this webinar Jeff shared his favourite techniques for identifying exit signals, cutting losses and taking profits.

Note: due to technical difficulties this recording shows only the first 38 minutes of the webinar.

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Free Webinar: Bourse Data Trader’s Cafe

In this informal session Jeff Cartridge led a discussion on current market conditions, talked us through some interesting charts, and answered several great questions from attendees. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Free Webinar: Entry Techniques Using The Bourse

There are many different ways to enter a trade and knowing where to start is critical to your trading success. In this webinar Jeff Cartridge took a look at some of the higher probability entry strategies using The Bourse to identify when to enter trades.

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Introduction to Technical Analysis with The Bourse

In this webinar we covered essential concepts of technical analysis, and how to apply them using The Bourse charting and technical analysis platform:

  • Identifying trading trends and how to use them in your investing
  • Identifying key turning points in share price movement
  • Understanding trend lines, support and resistance levels, and basic candlestick patterns

Thanks to everyone who logged in, asked questions and provided some valuable feedback!

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Traders Café

In this webinar successful trader and author, Jeff Cartridge, hosted an informal chat session via webinar, with participants discussing their trades, asking questions about charting and analysis techniques, and hearing what Jeff had to say about current market conditions.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

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Holiday Trading

When everyone is away on holiday there are some opportunities that pop up for the prepared trader or investor. Within this webinar we will take a look at some of the seasonal patterns that exist and how you can use these to profit while you relax.

Seasonal patterns can be very reliable, in fact they can be right up to 90% of the time or more. Knowing the key dates each year to trade will go a long way to improving your trading results.

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Using Dividends to Improve Your Results

Dividends are useful to everyone involved in the stock market, whether you’re a trader or an investor. As a trader you can trade around the ex dividend date where a predictable pattern unfolds, or as an investor use dividends to boost your overall investment results by utilising dividend reinvestment plans.

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